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Quality Assurance all Part of the Service with Transcriptionz

When Transcriptionz was established in 2002, a key business focus was to be able to provide quick transcription services without compromise on quality. We wanted our clients to feel at ease knowing that once they submitted an audio file to us for transcription, they could trust that the written file would be returned without the need for drastic change, if any, thus improving overall efficiency and quality. A Quality Assurance team was formed on day one, which set about establishing a set of sta...

July 9, 2020

Business as usual throughout Covid-19 Lockdown

Welcome to the brand new Transcriptionz website! Despite a long time in business, 2020 has so far been one out of the box for us, as we are sure it would have been for many of you with the Covid-19 pandemic. With a workforce that predominantly works from home, Transcriptionz was already well placed to roll with the punches that the lockdown presented. Following the initial lockdown announcement from the Prime Minister, our head office based team in Tauranga quickly established their own ‘work-...

June 1, 2020

Career Testimonial – Kat, Nelson

Choosing to live in regional New Zealand presented great lifestyle opportunities for me, a lover of the outdoors. However, the choice to live in small town New Zealand removed many of the career opportunities that come with living in a city or larger centre. With a background in medical secretary work, I discovered Transcriptionz when looking to pursue my own business venture. I was looking for some regular work which would support me while I got going, but which would also offer a secure, flexi...

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