Career Testimonial – Kat, Nelson

Choosing to live in regional New Zealand presented great lifestyle opportunities for me, a lover of the outdoors.

However, the choice to live in small town New Zealand removed many of the career opportunities that come with living in a city or larger centre.

With a background in medical secretary work, I discovered Transcriptionz when looking to pursue my own business venture.

I was looking for some regular work which would support me while I got going, but which would also offer a secure, flexible and enjoyable source of income for the future.

Transcriptionz has been more than supportive of me as a valued part of their team, but also as an individual with my own goals and aspirations since day one.

Full training was provided by the team and Transcriptionz utilises the latest in transcription technology to enable a straightforward transcription process which requires little more than an internet connection and a computer.

I was able to set my days and hours of work from the get go, and have been able to adapt both as needed to work around my own evolving business.

Now with my first child on the way, I feel more confident than ever that Transcriptionz was the perfect fit for me as an ‘at home’ worker. I feel secure knowing that work will still be available to me as and when I feel capable of fitting it into my life as a new mum.

The work is interesting and offers a fantastic opportunity for anyone wanting the quality of a regional or rural lifestyle, with the benefit of a rewarding ‘city’ career.

I look forward to being a part of the Transcriptionz team for many years to come.