Working with us


We welcome and encourage applications from well qualified medical transcriptionists who want to work in a flexible environment with ongoing training opportunities for career development. 

Vacancies - February 2024 

Senior Orthopaedics Transcriptionist

We are seeking a senior Orthopaedics transcriptionist with experience in Incisive or similar medical systems. 

Urology Transcriptionists

We are seeking experienced Urology transcriptionists with experience in New Zealand hospital systems.


Continuing growth in the medical industry means we’re looking for experienced medical transcriptionists to join us as self-employed contractors – we have a range of opportunities available!

Applicants must:

Have a minimum of three years current medical transcription experience

Be  fast and accurate

Complete documentation to the highest standard using excellent spelling and grammar with the ability to proof read

Be able to work independently day to day

Be a good communicator

What this role offers:

The ability to work from home

Consistent flow of work, and competitive supplier rates

A supportive environment
(our training and QA teams are readily available to help you advance and succeed in your career)

Work-life balance

As New Zealand’s largest provider of outsourced medical transcription we have a range of specialties that we need well versed transcriptionists for. 

If you’re interested in being part of our great team, we want to hear from you!

Please email us attaching an up-to-date CV outlining your prior experience.    

Why work with us?

Our great team of self-employed contractors is important to us. We are focused on creating a culture where a transcriptionist feels valued and appreciated, because we know that everyone has options about the organisations they choose to work with.

We have found the key to a stable team of experienced transcriptionists is to match the skills and knowledge of our transcriptionists with the particular needs of our clients. Many of our members have been with us for over 10 years, and that makes a win-win for everyone.

Need training?

If you are not currently experienced as a transcriptionist and would like to train online, then please contact us for more information.


"Transcriptionz has been more than supportive of me as a valued part of their team, but also as an individual with my own goals and aspirations since day one. The work is interesting and offers a fantastic opportunity for anyone wanting the quality of a regional or rural lifestyle, with the benefit of a rewarding ‘city’ career."

Kat, Nelson

"I am a medical transcriptionist for Transcriptionz based rurally in North Canterbury, New Zealand. I have worked from home now for over two years and love that I am able to do something that I find enjoyable and interesting, which at the same time enables me to work around the demands of bringing up a young family and the other day-to-day responsibilities of living on the land."

Toni, North Canterbury