Business as usual throughout Covid-19 Lockdown

Welcome to the brand new Transcriptionz website!

Despite a long time in business, 2020 has so far been one out of the box for us, as we are sure it would have been for many of you with the Covid-19 pandemic.

With a workforce that predominantly works from home, Transcriptionz was already well placed to roll with the punches that the lockdown presented.

Following the initial lockdown announcement from the Prime Minister, our head office based team in Tauranga quickly established their own ‘work-from-home’ stations and were able to continue with business as usual when the lockdown started some 48 hours later.

Of course, a nationwide lockdown inevitably resulted in a reduction in the level of work for our team, however for those services able to continue operating, we had the technology and resources already in place to continue our transcription services for them.

That technology, along with our processes, has been honed over nearly two decades in business, after Transcriptionz was established in 2002.

A gap had been identified for high quality and accurate medical transcription services here in New Zealand. Analogue technology was poised to be replaced by Digital Dictation and this acted as the catalyst for a remote based workforce.

With help from a trusted and experienced team, we developed systems, processes and training suitable to meet the needs of often complex and under resourced District Health Boards and healthcare providers, as well as for lawyers and other consultancy professionals.

Across New Zealand, our company now employs dozens of transcriptionists who work from their respective homes to deliver quality, accurate and confidential documents in a timely manner.

Remaining relevant in a constantly evolving and technologically advancing world has meant a strong commitment to continuously adjusting our systems and processes to meet the needs of our clients.

We’re very excited to be able to continue to provide you with insights to these technologies and processes via Scribe News on our new website, which was completed during Lockdown, after months of prior planning.

We’re looking forward to working with both existing and new clients as work gets back into full swing under Level 1.