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Transcription is not just typing words onto a document. It's about understanding what the clinician is saying. It's about accuracy. It's about raising 'flags' when the need arises. Clinicians work fast in their head and a good transcription company understands nuances, checks the intention and delivers as a complete document. We have been working with and training medical and professional transcriptionists for over 18 years.  

We are New Zealand's specialists, put us to work for you.

You can depend on:


Accuracy of information is paramount. Our transcriptionists are well trained and mentored when working with us. We ensure they keep their accuracy levels up. English is a first language. Every transcripionist has a good foundation in medical terminology.


Speed is essential for success in both patient care and revenue cycle management. We're always effectively staffed to ensure production coverage in peak volume periods and our technology is designed to maximise the speed of our transcription team. We can even establish and customise turnaround time standards to meet your specific needs.


Good quality processes to ensure we meet delivery deadlines is what we are about. Our network of qualified and experienced transcriptionists is a critical element to the confidence our clients have when they choose to outsource with us.

"They have a reputation for really understanding their client's needs. That's why we chose to work with them, and we haven't been disappointed."

Private Specialist Practice Manager.


Put our experience to work for you

Because we know the business of transcription, and the technology so well, we help organisations
to improve their records management and electronic distribution. In particular we can assist with defining your records management strategies, finding the best tools for your in-house needs,
and training internal staff


The knowledge to help you

Keeping one step ahead of the enhancements that technology brings, we have the versatility to make use of transcription technology and work with you to ensure you have the right tech based solutions at the right pace for your organisation.


A Learning Environment

At Transcriptionz we regard ongoing training and career development as an important part of our relationship with our transcriptionists. We facilitate and encourage training in three key areas:

Internationally, through affiliate organisations our people have the opportunity to increase their skills  by belonging to the internationally recognised AHDI organisation.  

Internally, through in-house feedback loops at Transcriptionz. We are focused on sharing our knowledge through our QA teams. 

Training through private on-line study, transcriptionists have the ability to complete continuing education modules online through our sister company, training school Tranzmed (www.tranzmed.com).

Corporate Services

Products and services for a range of professions

Our team is well suited to providing transcription services for legal, corporates, government agencies and small to medium businesses. Products and services include: online interviews, meetings, reports, general correspondence.

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