How We Work

Before work can begin, it's important that we get to know you and your job requirements, so that we can act as an extended part of your team.  Here's a summary of the process:

  • Terms and conditions are set in place
  • Operating procedures are set up and signed off so that we can audit and quality control against these.

The Workflow Process

Our processes are highly adapted to suit your specific requirements, however, a 'typical' job would follow this process:
  • You dictate using whatever dictation system you choose (Digital Recorder, Smartphone, iPad/Tablet, Speechmike/Handheld microphone)
  • We receive your voice file via our secure network (secured using the latest encryption and security processes that include data encryption, passwords, audit trails, confidentiality agreements signed off by all staff, backups, anti virus checks, etc.
  • Your work is allocated to the appropriate pod (at Transcriptionz, pods include a leader or Key Account Manager, dedicated transcriptionists who understand your particular requirements, and a dedicated Quality Assurance team member or members)
  • Your dictation file is transcribed with a guarantee of 98% accuracy and an objective of 100% accuracy.
  • Your document is proof-read by our highly trained and experienced editors
  • Your document is marked as ready for distribution – at this stage, you can come through our web browser to review and sign off the work – we will make any changes required.
  • You apply your e-signature and then the document is ready for distribution back to the organisation or to the client/patient.
  • Advice of a completed job is passed onto our Billing & Administrative Assistant and the work is invoiced as per our agreement with you.

We work in your corner of the world

Organisations in the USA, UK, New Zealand and Australia find our standard of work and turnaround times to be outstanding.

Contact Us

Phone: +64 (0) 7 578 8480
Mobile: +64 (0) 27 241 6572