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Outsourced Transcription Services

Our core business is the provision of outsourced transcription services. We have specialist skills in medical and legal transcription and frequently work with other report dependent industries.  Transcription services includes traditional transcription and speech recognition editing.

Quality Auditing

Transcriptionz uses state of the art quality auditing software that helps track and develop audit processes. We have found that as our clients have become aware of this system and more familiar with its benefits, they have become increasingly interested in introducing the same software, methodology, and audit services into their internal processes.

Why an Independent Audit can offer benefits:

Many organizations find it cost effective to engage an independent organization to conduct a “no fault” audit process. This helps to develop better Quality Assurance systems, to measure these systems, and their people against an independent set of criteria.

Call us for an independent assessment or contact us via this website.

Consultancy Services

Because we know the business of transcription, and the technology so well, we help organizations to improve their records management and electronic distribution. In particular we can assist with:

  • defining your records management strategies
  • finding the best tools for your in house needs
  • training internal staff

We work in your corner of the world

Organisations in the USA, UK, New Zealand and Australia find our standard of work and turnaround times to be outstanding.

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