Solve your transcription needs from anywhere in the world

We are an outsourcing company that solves your transcription needs by turning your dictation into words at world class quality and to your specified timeframe.  English is our first language, we are comfortable in a US or UK/Commonwealth spelling environment, and we work to your standards and to your timeframes - as if we're part of your team.

Save Time & Money

By using Transcriptionz you eliminate your overhead costs – computers, real estate, and recruitment. You pay only for the work that is produced and remove all concerns about leave cover.

Give us the opportunity to shine. Contact us today and enjoy fast, accurate transcription services from anywhere in the world!

Quality Standards

  • We strive for excellence and guarantee our accuracy at 98% or higher
  • Client and patient confidentiality
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Security of documents
  • Robust back up systems
  • Fully trained transcriptionists

Meet our team

Meet some of our highly skilled transcriptionists and our Quality Management team.

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Who we work with



We understand healthcare professionals are running busy clinics and hospitals and that correctly transcribed patient assessments are vital to the delivery of exceptional patient care.

Other Organisations

For all industries, we promise a seamless service using both technology and highly skilled transcriptionists.  

Why choose us?

  • Outsourcing is a practical, flexible and cost effective option that allows each party to focus on their core business.
  • We provide the right staff with the right qualifications at the right time.
  • You pay only for the work that is produced.
  • You eliminate costly overheads, downtime and the effects of uneven workflow.
  • You receive a professional, consistent service without the hassle of recruiting, training, succession planning and managing leave.
  • We deliver quality, accuracy, speed, cost effectiveness and professionalism.
  • We save you management costs - it's easier to manage the contract rather than managing an in-house team.
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We work in your corner of the world

Organisations in the USA, UK, New Zealand and Australia find our standard of work and turnaround times to be outstanding.

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