Career Development

At Transcriptionz we regard ongoing training and career development as an important part of our relationship with our transcriptionists.  We facilitate and encourage training in three key areas:

1. Internationally through affiliate organisations

Transcriptionists have the opportunity to increase their skills-set by belonging to the internationally recognized AHDI organization.  You can click on the link to read more about this organisation.

2. Internally through in-house training at Transcriptionz

At Transcriptionz we are focused on sharing our knowledge with our transcription and QA teams. General training related information is circulated amongst the team on a regular basis, and there are periodic opportunities for people to get together and share their knowledge. Topics include English grammar revision, reading skills for improved quality assurance, changes in medical terms.

View below some photos from one of our training days held in the sunny climes of the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand:

3. Training through private on-line study

Transcriptionists have the ability to complete continuing education modules online through our training school, Tranzmed (

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Organisations in the USA, UK, New Zealand and Australia find our standard of work and turnaround times to be outstanding.

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