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"I am a medical transcriptionist for Transcriptionz based rurally in North Canterbury, New Zealand. I have worked from home now for over two years and love that I am able to do something that I find enjoyable and interesting, which at the same time enables me to work around the demands of bringing up a young family and the other day-to-day responsibilities of living on the land. Jobs in the rural sector (especially for those with young dependents) are very scarce and the opportunity to train for a relatively short of period of time and then be able to work in a field such as this really is a great investment in your future job prospects. On top of this, there is an annual conference weekend in which you get to meet your fellow workers and really get to know the people you deal with on a daily basis."

"After completing my MT training online, I am continuing to enjoy the flexibility working as a transcriptionist allows me. I am able to work around my family's needs and get a greater work/life balance."

What I really like about working for Transcriptionz is that I can choose when to work, I can choose the hours that suit me so that I can have the freedom of still being a stay-at-home mum.

Working for Transcriptionz is wonderful for me. I greatly appreciated the support and excellent training given by QA staff when I first started in October 2008 - and since then, I have really enjoyed learning a lot of new medical terminology as well as using my experience as a medical transcriptionist gained in several tertiary institutions in New Zealand and overseas. Because I travel for family reasons it is great that I can work and earn no matter where I am in the world. Consistent workflow also helps me maintain my production levels, speed and knowledge.


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