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_MG_9633_RosemaryB_W_1.jpgTranscriptionz is a privately owned transcription business with clients from around the globe.

The business is owned by Rosemary Turner Waugh.  Rosemary has a background in corporate management roles, with experience in human resources, training and customer service.  She is actively involved in the industry and maintains a number of other memberships in business organisations.  Click here to read more.

"The idea you could dictate a file in the US or the UK, have it typed in NZ and returned by secure electronic file transfer that allowed the doctor to review the letter before it then went at lightening speed to the recipient, and into the records department files in less time than it takes to say 'Charles Handy' (futurist) was deeply fascinating.  In his book the Empty Raincoat, Handy discusses, at length, the opportunities for businesses to become virtual organsations where company staff, customers and suppliers do not locate or work in a fixed place, but instead reside in a virtual environment, that is linked together by the wonders of modern technology.  With Transcriptionz, it's been my goal to take Handy's theories and observations and to breathe life into them!"

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Organisations in the USA, UK, New Zealand and Australia find our standard of work and turnaround times to be outstanding.

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